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Cut Flowers


Aerangis articulata
Syn. Angraecum descendens and Aerangis calligera. Madagascar and Comoro Islands. An elegant growing African epiphyte that offers large star-like flowers and a heavenly scent.
Aerangis citrata
A lovely small compact growing species which we find grows best in a pot. Flowering size plants.
Aerangis fastuosa
A gorgeous Madagascan miniature species with grey foliage and crystalline white flowers. Plants mounted on a raft.
Aerangis mooreana
Epiphytic species from Madagascar. Mounted on a raft, this species is easily recognised by its white to pale pink flowers on an arching stem.
Aerangis punctata
A true minature orchid species. Salmon Pink flowers much larger than the plant itself. Three plants on a raft
Aerangis spiculata x kotschyana
A vigourous hybrid. Plants are near Flowering size mounted on a raft
Aerangis verdickii
Young but established plants on a raft. Beautiful grey foliage.
Angraecum bosserii
Large growing Angraecum with flower similar to A.sesquipedale
Angraecum scottianum
A strong grower with stark white flowers. Mounted on a raft.
Angraecum elephanticum
Stark white flowers with a jasmine like fragrance. Flowering size. Miniature epiphytes
Neobathiae filicornu
Creamy white flowers and intense emerald green staminode. Near Flowering size plants established on a raft
Podangis dactyloceras
Species from Angola, this lovely African epiphyte offers clusters of pristine white round flowers with an elongated spur. Mounted on a raft

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